Plant-Based Recipes
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Need an idea for a healthy snack? Is your kitchen shitty like mine? Welcome!

While most cooking shows display lavish, state-of-the-art kitchens, I cook in a simple environment using old (sometimes broken) equipment, and I share outrageous stories with my imaginary friend, Bo (who is an absolute nightmare to deal with!)

Cooking with a Veggi Bitch in a Shitty Kitchen started at the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic with the goal of entertaining and  demonstrating creativity in the kitchen, sustainability, and resourcefulness. 

Cooking with a Veggi Bitch in a Shitty Kitchen is an online cooking show hosted by the Veggi Bitch and her Imaginary friend, Bo. The show presents delicious, plant-based recipes. 

While most cooking shows today display lavish, state-of-the-art kitchens, the Veggi Bitch cooks in a simple environment, using old (sometimes broken) equipment, she shares outrageous stories, and her imaginary friend, Bo, trolls her every step of the way.

The Veggi Bitch demonstrates creativity in the kitchen, sustainability, and coming up with solutions when resources are limited.

Cooking with a Veggi Bitch


  Welcome to my shitty kitchen! Here I cook, bake, bitch at my imaginary friend, Bo, and share entertaining stories! I’ve always been passionate about healthy eating and making people laugh, and

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Vegan Savoury Pastries

Vegan Pastries and Blow

I bake savoury pastries for almost every potluck party I attend. It’s such an easy-to-make dish and it impresses everyone! This recipe knocks it out of the park every single time I

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Big Ass Movie

    Have you ever bought a bunch of herbs, used some of them for soup or salad and then a week later found the leftovers rotten in the fridge? It happens

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Vegan Pigeon Salad

  For some reason, salads have a bad reputation – People think that they are boring! I couldn’t disagree more. Personally, I can eat at least one salad a day and I

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The Falafelatke Story

  When you’re on a plant-based diet you always need to search for ways to incorporate protein into your meals. Legumes are a fantastic source of plant-based protein and they are very

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Chocolate With Aliens

Chocolate is addictive! When I was a child, it was my favourite/go-to candy and I would eat it till my tummy hurt. When I became vegan, I was worried that I won’t

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Noya is a creative Jane of all trades - She is a performer, voice artist, musician, writer, videographer/editor, photographer, media producer and digital designer. Noya has a strong passion for cooking and entertaining people and a strong dislike for responding to emails (but she does it anyways...)

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