Plant-Based Recipes
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Welcome to my shitty kitchen! Here I cook, bake, bitch at my imaginary friend, Bo, and share entertaining stories!

I’ve always been passionate about healthy eating and making people laugh, and for many years I secretly dreamt of becoming a crazy vegan chef.

COVID19 forced me (and many others) to figure shit out – I lost work, felt completely isolated, and went through the emotional roller-coaster that this virus has put us all through. I decided to focus on the positives and I took this global insanity as an opportunity to start writing and filming my recipes.

I invested an entire year into developing, experimenting, planning, filming, photographing, editing, writing, recording, designing, and building the Veggi Bitch brand, and I hope you find my content entertaining and my recipes delicious!

**If you ask yourself why I’m the Veggi Bitch and not Veggie Bitch – there’s a simple explanation – veggi bitch was the only domain name and social media handles that were all available.

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Sound Effects by GarageBand/PIR (Royalty-Free and Licensed)

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